To The Wolves

by Kingsley Flood

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With “signature high energy” (Rolling Stone) and a live show that “could thrill Folsom Prison in ‘58 or CBGB in ‘76” (Boston Herald), Boston and Washington D.C.-based Kingsley Flood began 2015 with lofty goals: release two EPs and a full-length. The ambitious volume of output recognizes that the music business has changed and moved on from the era of the traditional album cycle. It also represents a shift in leader Naseem Khuri’s songwriting, channeling his personal journey as a Palestinian-American trying hard to do good and repeatedly coming up short.

Since their breakout set opening the Newport Folk Festival in 2013, Kingsley Flood has opened tour dates for Lucius and Josh Ritter; earned raves from AV Club, Paste, Rolling Stone, Billboard, NY Times; played a session for Esquire; and premiered a video with NPR Music.

To The Wolves continues songwriter Naseem Khuri’s obsession with stagnation in our lives, and exploring why things don’t change. While January’s To The Fire EP chronicles his own experience as a wide-eyed son of immigrants wanting to change the world, To The Wolves suggests greater change is harder when we can’t even change ourselves.

The title track looks at the big dreams and small circumstances of an outsider on the inside. "Blind" finds him back home plotting an escape, but this too is a dream that never manages to leave his bedroom. "All Night Dynamite" asks just how much choice we have in our choices, a theme carried over to "Salt of the Sea," where a child sees in his own path a mirror of his father's.

To The Wolves continues Kingsley Flood's ongoing collaboration with producer Paul Kolderie (Pixies, Radiohead, Morphine) and 1867 Recording Studio, the onetime Masonic temple in Chelsea, MA where To the Fire was created. The results showcase the band's signature and wide-ranging dynamics, from the scorched-earth guitar riff anchoring the title track to the contrasting plaintive violin and hard rock release of the deceptively upbeat “Blind,” the frenetic punk drive of “All Night Dynamite” and the pensive intimacy of “Salt of the Sea.”

To The Wolves follows January’s To The Fire, which earned praise from NPR’s World Café, the Wall Street Journal, Relix, PopMatters, the Boston Globe, and more. After a run of sold-out shows in early 2015, the History Channel featured their track “Waiting On The River to Rise” in an ad for a new series “Mississippi Men,” triggering close to 200,000 plays on Spotify and YouTube.


released July 17, 2015

Executive Producers: Dirk Albrodt, Nick Loss-Eaton, D. C. Richter

Produced by Paul Q. Kolderie
All songs written by Naseem Khuri (SESAC)
© 2015 Kingsley Flood. All Rights Reserved.

Recorded at 1867 Recording Studio, Chelsea, MA
Assistant engineer: James Bridges

Mixed by Paul Q. Kolderie
Mastered by Ian Kennedy at New Alliance East Mastering, Cambridge, MA

Artwork by Andrew Fish

Many thanks to the amazing supporters of our PledgeMusic campaign who made this happen, including Rula and Hani Asfour, Major Shannon B. Blake, US Army (ret.), Cooper and Casey Schutz, Weiner J. Smith.



all rights reserved


Kingsley Flood Boston, Massachusetts

With features in NPR, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times, Boston and Washington, DC sextet Kingsley Flood straddles the line between high energy indie rock and introspective folk.

With its "signature high energy" (Rolling Stone), the band has played the main stage at the Newport Folk Fest and has been dubbed "Boston's best live band" (Boston Herald).
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Track Name: To The Wolves
I got this million dollar itch, gonna get us gone, gonna set us saved
I keep it on a handkerchief, on account of the boss, never looking away
It’s gold, if you could only see
But I know there’s something stopping me

I’m looking for a name
And I’d feed you to the wolves, I’d feed you to the wolves
If you only showed your face
I’d feed you
Cause you know you’re the one to blame

I am no supermodel’s son, I open doors, all on my own
I got no Rockefeller blood, when the dollar is done, then the dollar is done
And I know there’s a hand above
Grabbing the gold, leaving none for us


Can you tell me when five o’clock does strike
And I feel salvation in the freedom of the night
Why can’t I feel the cloth burning a hole inside my pocket
Instead I hear the clock burning the minutes til tomorrow

Track Name: Blind
Tell me why, the dreams I dream are never bout the sky, but my shoes untied
And the painting on my ceiling never dries. I think it’s time.

I’ll run, cause I’ve been told I’m faster than the sun, yes I hold my own
But the shoes I use are never good on ground, so I’d better not.

I been singing my song, I been singing all along
I don't wanna be blind, but I don’t wanna see

I’ll row, faster than the Mississippi flows, I’ll row and row
But I see the sea is bigger than my boat, now I just don’t know

I been singing my song, I been singing all along
I don't wanna be blind, but I don’t wanna see what I’m doing to me

I’ll dream, of the tallest grass tickling my feet, and the swells of the strongest sea, and all the growing glory in between, I’ll dream and dream.

I been singing my song, I been singing all along
I don't wanna be blind, but I don’t wanna see what I’m doing to me
Track Name: All Night Dynamite
Lost Ross sink your costs, let that diary die
Your rocknroll’s got ways to go and it ain’t because of Papa’s pride
Thrill Jill, take your body off the runway line
Your locks not gold, your eyes not bold, it ain’t because everybody’s blind

Won’t you please get off your knees?

All these cities, all these towns, shake your sorry bones
All you suckers, all you clowns, shake your sorry bones
Get your all night dynamite

I was not born with kettle corn, no butter on my bread
Got fighting on my fingertips, surrender in my head
When I see the sky, I don’t ask why, I just praise the Lord for His word
And someone that I’ve never seen said something I never heard

Won’t you please get off your knees?


Way on down the line, when I’m well below the sun
Please judge me on what I have said, not on what I have not done

Track Name: Salt Of The Sea
The chair by the cracked TV
Shedding threads where your cans convene
While you say “son, take a look at your hands,
They can climb the highest mountain in this land.”

Neath his gaze and the TV stand
I find newspapers, tattered and tanned
Dated 1997, they been waiting, to be found

Papa your eyes speak louder than your sage advice
Your deeds speak louder than your guiding light
And I appreciate the effort but you never were a very good liar,
Neither am I

Saying we’re only the salt of the sea

I peek at the family frame, at the bottom of the stairs
It never seems straight, even if you care
I wait for it soon to fall, but I know it won’t, I know it won’t

When all I can ever do determined by what’s already done
We can shuffle all we want with a deck stacked from day one
The lies we prize, the stories we glorify, all deny that

We’re only the salt of the sea

Once more, while the TV bleeds
I shut my eyes, see the sea
I rise, hands free
I will not be

Only the salt of the sea