The Good Fight

by Kingsley Flood

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"Guitar-driven, sing-along music, soaked with raw emotion" - Stereogum

"Packs a punch" - The Boston Globe

Kingsley Flood is capping off its ambitious and productive year with its third EP release, ‘The Good Fight.’ The three EPs total thirteen songs released in 2015 and the band is also preparing for a 2016 full-length release.

Bandleader Naseem Khuri continues to explore themes of individual and societal change in our cities, and his own tendencies to talk a big game and take little action; ‘The Good Fight’ deepens that exploration, narrowing the focus on the band’s hometowns of Boston and Washington, DC and pushing the band to some of its most epic music to date.” Driven by tremolo’d guitar, the title track examines Khuri’s reluctant acceptance of an evolving city and its gentrification. “We ought to get mad, we ought to save our souls, but the new guy’s got what I need.” He doesn’t let up on “On My Mind,” crying outrage at injustice while shouting “I can write a check from this couch and yet I can’t reach my pen.” The spaghetti western guitar line of “Change You” introduces sharply observed stories from a Boston bar Khuri visited all too often, where the regulars talk about their big plans and leave it at that. The store-owner at the center of the anthemic, “Good Old Wind” rejects the “new wind blowing” into the town where Khuri grew up near Boston.


released November 20, 2015

Produced by Paul Q. Kolderie
All songs written by Naseem Khuri (SESAC)
© 2015 Kingsley Flood. All Rights Reserved.

Recorded at 1867 Recording Studio, Chelsea, MA
Assistant engineer: James Bridges
Mixed by Paul Q. Kolderie
Mastered by Ian Kennedy at New Alliance East Mastering, Cambridge, MA

Artwork by Andrew Fish
Portraits by Michael D. Spencer
Live Photos by Dave Green
Design by Kingsley Flood

Management: Nate Erwin, Red Light Management
Booking: Lori Peters, Concerted Efforts
Publicity: Nick Loss-Eaton Media

Many thanks to the amazing supporters of our PledgeMusic campaign who made this happen.



all rights reserved


Kingsley Flood Boston, Massachusetts

With features in NPR, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times, Boston and Washington, DC sextet Kingsley Flood straddles the line between high energy indie rock and introspective folk.

With its "signature high energy" (Rolling Stone), the band has played the main stage at the Newport Folk Fest and has been dubbed "Boston's best live band" (Boston Herald).
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Track Name: Good Old Wind
Dime store Denny seen em come and go
With his armchair heart and his rocking chair soul
When the customers come with a name he can't sound
He says "this old town is going down"

Goth Girl Gabby and her god damned pen
Telling them tall tales the new wind's preaching
Denny don't like the colors she wore
Now she ain't coming around no more

Oh no the old wind blows!

Denny keeps scraping that window rust
And wiping that register picking up dust
He pounds his chest, he glares outside, says
"The new wind's blowing my dollars dry"

Oh no the old wind blows!

Sidewalk's cracked and the street's gone quiet
Somewhere Gabby's 'neath the warm spotlight
Denny counts dimes, his arms they fold
Waiting for that good old wind to blow

Oh no the old wind blows!
Track Name: Change You
We've been sitting here in this old barroom
God I don't know for how long
Same salvation spinning soft on the juke
God I used to love that song
Now I'm picking at this bottle label thinking I know
This story's ending, it ain't worth pretending I don't

My my if nothing has changed you, then nothing with change you yet

Now the TV is static, my buddy's emphatic
"When we gonna fix that thing?"
Sneering at the screen ready for one more battle
While he fiddles with his wedding ring
Maybe try to bend that broken antenna this time
Or just keep kicking it, maybe just wishing works fine

My my if nothing has changed you, then nothing with change you yet

Barkeep keeps showing off all the sketches
Of the boat he's gonna build someday
I keep laughing, but inside I sigh
I keep forgetting to forget its name

While the jukebox won't stop slaying this dead town
Screaming "we gotta get outta this place!"
I see my reflection in the bottle in my hand
It ain't this town I got a problem with

My my if nothing has changed you, then nothing with change you yet
Track Name: On My Mind
My oh my what a wicked world
With our eyes so wide and a flag unfurled
And the broken man with a beaten tan and a healthy cup
Walks on by my driver's side and my window up
And he's on my mind

Yes I heard from the late-night plea
And the toll-free number at the bottom of your screen
A broken child fending in the wild of a distant land
I could write a check from this couch and yet I can't reach my stamp
But it's on my mind

Rise and shine with my coffee and cream
And the newspaper proving if it bleeds it leads
Have you heard another city burned, another mother down?
Another freedom fight, another fighting try to clean a bloody crown

It's such a shame in this age and day so many hurt
It's such a weight I'm gonna shake right after work
It's on my mind
Track Name: The Good Fight
I'd like to get back to New York City
The water is wide, the buildings are cold
They never let our prints in the pavement dry
They never take the long way home

I'd like to get back and mind my business
The ghosts of this town never seem to leave
They live in the walls where the dime store died
Behind the new craft coffee machines

I'd fight the good fight if I could
We'll see

I'd like to think I got a good head on me
A buck in the tip jar, a church offering
We ought to get mad, we ought to save our souls
But the new guy's got what I need

I'd fight the good fight if I could
We'll see

Tonight I freeze in the lights of the windows
I curse this heart and its righteous song
It's much too quiet to sing out loud
And much too loud to ignore