Another Other

by Kingsley Flood

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released October 14, 2016

Nick Balkin: bass, vocals
Chris Barrett: keys, horns, percussion, vocals
George Hall: electric guitar, vocals
Naseem Khuri: guitars, keys, vocals
Travis Richter: drums, vocals

Eva Walsh: vocals and violin on #1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 13
Jenée Morgan Force: vocals on #7, 12, saxophone on #7, violin on #12

Produced by Paul Q. Kolderie
All songs written by Naseem Khuri (SESAC)
© 2016 Kingsley Flood. All Rights Reserved.

Recorded at 1867 Recording Studio, Chelsea, MA
Assistant engineers: Chris MacLaughlin and James Bridges

Mixed by Paul Q. Kolderie
Mastered by Ian Kennedy at New Alliance East Mastering, Cambridge, MA

The cover photo features Naseem’s dad, earnestly attempting to restore order as a camp counselor in the mountains of Lebanon, circa 1958 (credit unknown). Other photos by Dave Green, Kate Connell, Naseem Khuri. Design by Kingsley Flood.

Management: Nate Erwin for Red Light Management

Many thanks to the amazing supporters of our PledgeMusic campaign who made this recording possible. And to all the members of our musical family: the Floodclub, Kate Connell, Chrissy Fantone, Sophie Innerfield, Sarada Peri, Gregg Zoske, Jenée Morgan Force, Eva Walsh, Eric Donohue, Randa Khuri, Plotkins and Trappers, Andrew Fish, Jon Dorn, Will Dailey, Travis York, Lisa and Terry, Saudeks, Schleifconn, Chowlips, Martigs, Isaac Wohl, Nate Erwin, Craig Street, Bill Flanagan, Erlz, Meg Griffin, Anthony D’Amato, Bombadil, the David Wax Museum, Christina Richter, Jed Gottlieb, Andy Grossman, Sue & Steve Lindsay, Audrey Harrer, Mars Man, Tim & Alex and the Amp Club of Cambridge, John Soares, Ziza Soares, the mighty Rhumb Line, and all the kind souls who offered up a spare couch or floor space along the way.



all rights reserved


Kingsley Flood Boston, Massachusetts

With features in NPR, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times, Boston and Washington, DC sextet Kingsley Flood straddles the line between high energy indie rock and introspective folk.

With its "signature high energy" (Rolling Stone), the band has played the main stage at the Newport Folk Fest and has been dubbed "Boston's best live band" (Boston Herald).
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Track Name: The Bridge
Jenny got born on the Brookline side
Where you walk within the glow of your shoebuckle shine
She kept her backpack straps tied around her tight
While she stared across the bridge with her widened eyes

Teacher tells Jenny “Jenny don’t you stare,
They got weeds in the streets and they just don’t care
We better better them right, the cause is not yet lost
But the cause ain’t lost, we can help them grow
We can teach them to reach, show them how to grow
C’mon take my hand and don’t get too close”

They’re gone, they’re gone, they’re gone

Papa’s eating peas, saying “how was your day
You went down by the bridge, your teacher said
I’ve always wondered why in that part of town
The green grass suddenly turns to brown”

Mama says “I think it’s great you seem so keen
To shed light on the dark, see the unseen
As a matter of fact, it occurs to me
You could use the extra curricular credibility”

Yeah they’re gone, they’re gone, they’re gone

Tucked in tight, Jenny sleeps so well
Maybe next year she can spends a few hours more
Mamapapa downstairs, locking eyes and glowing
“Those kids by the bridge outta take some notes”

Guess they’re a little too wild, a little too torn
A little too weak, a little too worn
Maybe a little too brown, a little too poor,
A little too black, a little too born

Yeah they’re gone, they’re gone, they’re gone
Track Name: Try
If these walls could talk to me I’d politely decline
I don't need to look behind
To see a future I'll deny

Dinner dates of late feeling more like killing time
Picking at our plates all night
Shaking salt to kill the quiet

And I know
We get so low

But won’t you try a little harder
Even lie if you must
I would die to live like we're not dying
Try to right this ship, or let us sink with it
Just try

I wonder when our habits went from charming to routine
Once a stitching of the seam
Now a distant memory

I think both of us been thinking it, but no one wants to say
Hoping trouble would go away
Now maybe trouble should stay


Tonight I will be brave and I will take the long way home
Chart out how to rock this boat
And forget how to hope

I'll think of open oceans and the beauty you embrace
And at some point it'll fade,
Til you just drift away

Track Name: To The Wolves
I got this million dollar itch, gonna get us gone, gonna set us saved
I keep it on a handkerchief, on account of the boss, never looking away
It’s gold, if you could only see
But I know there’s something stopping me

I’m looking for a name
And I’d feed you to the wolves, I’d feed you to the wolves
If you only showed your face
I’d feed you
Cause you know you’re the one to blame

I am no supermodel’s son, I open doors, all on my own
I got no Rockefeller blood, when the dollar is done, then the dollar is done
And I know there’s a hand above
Grabbing the gold, leaving none for us


Can you tell me when five o’clock does strike
And I feel salvation in the freedom of the night
Why can’t I feel the cloth burning a hole inside my pocket
Instead I hear the clock burning the minutes til tomorrow

Track Name: Tricks
Well there you go again
You say “I’m pleased to see you, friend”
You can sing my praise, can you say my name?

The eyes you prize as true
I see so easily through
You look in mine, but I know you’re looking right behind

I try and try to turn away
I sigh, I cry, yet here I stay
Oh I know you’re never going to show
The tricks that you roll
Up your dirty sleeves

Your line of pearly whites
Hides the tongue you bite
No need to speak, I know what you’re really saying

But oh those words you fire!
Land like a bullet from a blind man
Keep your lead, I bet you’ll find another fool


And all this mud that I throw
You grab and turn into gold
I look beside me, see a million faces just like mine
Doesn’t matter what you tell the devil
The devil’s just happy that you’re there, and that you know

Track Name: Not Like This
It’s late, you’re tired
Let him pour another wine
Because you know there’s no way you can go home

See, your phone’s got time to spare
Your desk is all too bare
But for the frame, you just can’t seem, to look in the eye

Got a million ideas, and they just don’t stop
And I’d feed em and I’d bleed em til they’re sold and bought OR
Creativity’s romantic until it’s not

Please see me like that
Not like this

You smashed your TV
Sick and tired of jealousy
And the way it makes you feel, no that’s not you

You’ve been tricked by your sweat and blood
And by time, which says they’re enough
And by the luck you told yourself you’d never need

It’s hard to think the future is a game you win
Never gambled much but I guess I’m all in OR but I gotta be all in


Yes you’re a bird, still in its cage
You sure can fly, someone once said
But watch yourself, you hear that enough, you just might believe
Track Name: Another Other
Cheers to all my friends
As another workweek ends
I’ll have another round barkeep
And won’t you lower the old TV?

Showing them fires so far away
You know they’re just thugs anyway
They’re diding behind their skin
Messing with the good cops and preaching

“I’m just another other done wrong”

Well you know it’s just a fact
I look like them but I ain’t like that
I tuck my shirt in right
I smile but not too wide

Now fellas why do you stare at that screen?
And sip on your beers so quietly?
C’mon it’s Friday night!
Let’s get our drink on right

I’m not another other done wrong

Was it something that I said?
Or the hair upon my head?
Was it something that I did?
It better be

Now everybody says they’re tired
When they leave, the barroom’s quiet
Except for the old TV
Much softer than it seems

And I settle in my seat
Staring at the thugs burning down those streets
I think damn what a shame
Thank god I’m not the same

Just another other done wrong
Track Name: Cavalry
Mama I remember Sunday dinner, you’d stare across the hall
Now I do believe you were staring at nothing at all
The clocks all wound, black pepper ground, the curtains smooth and slim
I wondered why you’d need to iron them again and again

Won’t you call on the cavalry before I’m gone
Please call on the cavalry before I’m gone

Papa them papers never change, we’re always going to hell
The lotto’s always rigged, and the weather you can never quite tell
The Sox keep losing track of their roots and screwing the bullpen
I wondered why you’d need to let me know again and again

Won’t you call on the cavalry before I’m gone
Please call on the cavalry before I’m gone

I’ve been thinking, I’ve been drinking, I’ve been scraping rust
I’ve been keeping clean, the frames that have collected dust
Monday nights I watch the fights, on Thursdays I play cards
But maybe just this week, I’ll skip out on both

Won’t you call on the cavalry before I’m gone
Please call on the cavalry before I’m gone
Track Name: A Ways Away
Last night I woke up screaming
I had a terrible dream
The world was over, we were done

I dreamt the skies were falling
The tin foil hats were bawling
Guess they were right all along

And then you see me trembling, you smile and quietly say

Don’t you hang your heavy head
You can sleep until you’re dead
Cuz we’ll all be back tomorrow, yes we’ll all be back tomorrow
We’re oh so still a ways away

Everyone’s up in arms
How can you be so calm?
You say you see but you don’t look

So what about the future?
You say you’ve seen the future
You read it in a history book

And you see me trembling, you smile and quietly say


You say “stop looking up
Just look around and stop
We’ll be okay or at least the same

Need hell to sell your preaching
Heaven for non-believing
War for the guns you’re building
And peace for flowers you’re tilling

Good crime for your arresting
Bad cops for your protesting
The dark side of the city
To make the light feel pretty
Ring around the rosy
Ashes to ashes, only we won’t fall”

Track Name: Good Old Wind
Dime store Denny seen em come and go
With his armchair heart and his rocking chair soul
When the customers come with a name he can’t sound
He says “this old town is going down”

Goth girl Gabby and her god-damned pen
Telling them tall tales the new wind’s preaching
Denny don’t like the colors she wore
Now she ain’t coming around no more

Oh no the old wind blows!

Denny keeps scraping that window rust
And wiping that register picking up dust
He pounds his desk, he glares outside, says
“the new wind’s blowing my dollars dry”

Oh no the old wind blows!

Sidewalks cracked and the street’s gone quiet
Somewhere Gabby’s ‘neath a warm spotlight
Denny counts dimes, his arms they fold
Waiting for that good old wind to blow

Oh no the old wind blows!
Track Name: On My Mind
My oh my what a wicked world
With our eyes so wide and a flag unfurled
And the broken man with a beaten tan and a healthy cup
Walks on by my driver's side and my window up
And he’s on my mind

Yes I heard from the late night plea
And the toll free number at the bottom of your screen
A broken child fending in the wild of a distant land
I could write a check from this couch and yet I can’t reach my stamp
But it’s on my mind

Rise and shine with my coffee and cream
And the newspaper proving if it bleeds it leads
Have you heard another city burned, another mother down?
Another freedom fight, another fighting try to clean a bloody crown
It’s such a shame in this age and day so many hurt
It's such a weight I’m gonna shake right after work
Because it’s on my mind
Track Name: Suddenly The Same
Some surprise meals alone
Some nights a full charged phone
And I wait it out again
And I wait it out again

I nod and grin at your sassy styles
Even hang your punk band’s fliers
I would do it all again
I would do it all

But I don’t wanna fall behind the battle lines
You’ve taken your time now it’s time for mine
I can stand my solid ground
Leave no room for doubt
We’re suddenly the same

I do not ask for much
A sudden smile, an impromptu touch
And I’m catching up again
I’m catching up

And all the silly games we say we’ll never play
Yet we tug of war and the flag remains
I promise I won’t blink
I promise I won’t see
We’re suddenly the same

How long
How long
How long til I’ll know I’ve won

Tonight I’ll hold my phone
Watch it ring all night long

You sell me such a fool
And I’m buying it all in full
I would do it all again
I would do it all again
Track Name: Thick Of It
We grew up a little bit wary
Of the milk in our cups
And the butter on our bread
Oh the fires you’ll light, they had said
Catch the falling skies, go ahead

So we left home, a little bit worried
About the gas in our tanks
And the holes in our shoes
But never should you mind the rain
When eyes are stuck on sky anyway

Now we’re in the thick of it

When the walls didn’t shake
The earth didn’t tumble
We said we’d take our licks, before we take our time
Find a fight and drive all night
Never mind your eyes getting tired

Now we’re in the thick of it

I guess dreams don’t die, they just get managed
But is a fire unfed
just some ash and dirt?
Sometimes I drive late at night
I think about you from time to time
Track Name: What Am I Gonna Do With You
I came home
I dropped dead
Cracked one open
While the TV bled
I didn’t even hear your voice
I didn’t even hear

You want me talking
Just let me rest
The daydreams die when the night lets you forget
Stop going through my pockets please
Those napkins are just words OR scraps

What am I gonna do with you?

I am sorry
But you’re wrong
Just because those words rhyme
Don’t mean that it’s a song
Stop saving those scraps in your diary
Stop grinning when you do

What am I gonna do with you?

I am certain
That I’m insecure
And when I doubt
I’m sure you’re sure
Oh no don’t listen to me
Don’t listen to me